Mirror Replacement Sydney

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Mirror Replacement Sydney – Mirrors in homes need to be replaced when they are damaged or broken. The following outlines some of the reasons mirrors need to be replaced.

A common cause of damage to bathroom mirrors is the blackening of the edges, referred to as mirror desilvering.

Another type of damage to mirrors is scratches caused by incorrect cleaning, which leaves minor but visible scratches in the surface of the glass.

In general most mirror repairs are required because of breakage caused by some type of impact.

The edges of frameless mirrors are the most vulnerable area and when impacted which a solid object can cause cracks in the glass.

Blue Star Glass provide a full on site replacement service, which includes the removal and replacement of the existing mirror. All work complies with current Australia standards.

Wardrobe Door Mirror Replacement

Sliding mirror wardrobe doors are usually located in high traffic areas in bedrooms.

These mirrors are one of the most likely types of mirror that are broken by impact.

They are generally made of thinner safety mirror, which does not withstand heavy collision with solid object.

Wardrobe Mirror Repair Sydney

Sometimes older mirror wardrobe doors are not made will good quality safety mirror and as a result can provide a dangerous environment when broken.

It is important to have this type of wardrobe mirror replacement performed by a glazing professional.

Blue Star are wardrobe mirror specialists.

Cabinet Door Mirror Replacement

Many bathroom cabinet doors and modern cupboard doors are covered with a sheet of mirror. Opening and closing of these can result in bumping the glass against walls, other doors or random objects in homes or businesses. These mirror panels are mainly glue fixed in position, which are very difficult to replace.

Mirror Repairs

Our qualified glaziers usually remove these doors, completed the repairs in our warehouse and return them once completed.

If you’re in Sydney and you need a mirror replacement call your nearest Blue Star office to arrange a glazier to visit you premises. Our prices are competitive and our quality is second to none. Why wait, call now!