Glass Door Replacement

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Glass door replacement is a common service required in homes and businesses in Sydney. Door glass replacement panels can be cut to size on the first visit in most situations. This makes emergency glass door replacement a simply process when using Blue Star Glass.

Panels of glass in new doors or glass replaced in existing doors is required to be safety glass as specified by Australian Standards AS1288.

In any glass door installations “A” grade safety glass must be used to comply with Australian Standards AS1288 regulations.

All of Blue Star’s installations comply with current Australian Standards.

Emergency Glass Door Replacement

Emergency glass door replacement account for many glass door repairs. Broken glass in doors present a danger to people, risk of water damage and can be a security problem.

It’s important to use a qualified glazier for sliding door repairs to ensure your door is fully functional once replaced.

Contact Blue Star for all emergency glass replacement for doors in homes or offices.

Obscure Glass for Doors

Obscure patterned glass is chosen where privacy is required whilst still allowing outside light to enter a room.

Unfortunately as many types of obscure patterned glass have been discontinued in recent times matching broken obscure patterned glass can be a problem, especially if there are other similar panels in the same door or side panels.

Types of doors

Glass doors are manufactured from a variety of materials such as timber, aluminium, steel and PVC.

Frameless toughened glass doors are also popular. A choice of door operating systems are available including sliding, hinged, folding and recessed type.

Common types of safety glass

  • Laminated – clear, tinted, translucent and obscure patterned.
  • Wired – clear and obscure patterned
  • Toughened – clear, tinted and obscure patterned.