Bathroom Mirrors

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Bathroom Mirrors

The main use of a bathroom mirror is for personal grooming such as shaving, application of make-up and hair styling.

Bathroom mirrors can be made to virtually any size therefore an appearance of space and beauty can be created even in the smallest room.

Mirrors with machine polished edges have become very popular with interior designers, owners and renovators.

When choosing colours for walls and tiles the installation of a frameless mirror eliminates the need to match colours of mirror framework.

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Some bathrooms have vanity cabinets above their bench top and basin, which restricts the size of mirrors to that of the vanity doors.

Depending on the layout of the room it may be possible to install an additional large mirror on the opposite wall resulting in a room with a more spacious appearance.

Ideally, a large mirror installed flush on the wall behind a vanity unit would be the best choice.

The size of a bathroom mirror is only restricted by accessibility to the room.

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