Custom made mirrors

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Blue Star Glass supply and install quality mirrors custom made to your requirements in home, shop or office. All shapes and sizes, including floor to ceiling mirrors, which are our specialty. Call or contact us for a quotation – no obligation.


Mirrors can change the appearance of a room, reflect an outside view, improve the décor of a home and duplicate the view of furnishings. Floor to ceiling mirrors give great results in regard to a room appearing larger in size. Mirrors installed in dance studios and gymnasiums allow participants to check their performance.

Bathroom Mirror

Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom mirrors vary in shape and size from covering vanity doors to entire walls. The most common mirror used in bathrooms is a vanity mirror. The mirror is custom made to match the entire width of the vanity with the height being flexible. Some customers have the mirror made to reach the ceiling whilst others prefer to keep the mirror below ceiling height. Holes can be drilled in mirrors for taps, power points and light fittings.

Gym Mirrors

Gym Mirrors

Frameless mirrors do not have external frames that cover the edges of a mirror. Gym Mirrors are a common example of this product. The normal edge treatment for a frameless mirror is a machine polished edge. The advantage of installing a frameless mirror is that it creates a streamline appearance, which reflects the surrounding room décor without the distraction of an ornate mirror frame. Further, a frameless mirror will always match any change in room décor including wall colours.

3 Panel Mirror

Large mirrors can be installed in most locations provided easy access is available to the installation area. Access to rooms above the ground floor may be difficult due to small lifts, stairways and door openings interfering with the safe handling of mirrors. In these circumstances large mirrors can be installed in sections with vertical joins. Our professional staff can inspect site and advise the best solution. You can be assured you will receive a quality mirror installation when completed by our expert staff. For more interior design ideas visit Freshome