Mirror Selection For Homes

Wall mirrors of various shapes and varieties continue to be utilised in homes, depending on the proportions of the space, and personal preference. The principal function of any mirror is to be able to reflect the available light. Designs can be round, oval, rectangular and the edges can be polished or bevelled to suit the requirements of the room.

For bathroom mirrors, in the majority of circumstances the dimensions of your mirror would rely on the measurements of your vanity, alternatively large mirrors can be installed to cover most of the wall. This type of installation can make small bathrooms look considerably larger than they really are. The addition of a frameless bathroom mirrors will also give a contemporary appearance to your bathroom further enhancing the design of the room.

Bathroom mirrors are used to provide a high quality visual appeal to any bathroom. They happen to be one of the necessary and fundamental components of any bathroom. The appropriate selection of a mirror will certainly offer a fashionable and elegant appearance to any renovation or new dwelling. A classic or modern day look can be achieved therefore careful consideration must be taken before deciding on the final product.

Since wall mirrors and bathroom mirrors become such an integral part of any home it is important to seek the advice of a professional. Here at Blue Star our staff are fully qualified glazier and have many years experience in the supply and installation of frameless mirrors. Call today to find out more about Blue Star Mirrors.