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Caringbah Glass Replacement & Mirror Installation

As glazing specialists at Blue Star we are able to remove and upgrade existing glass as required. This generally involves removing old putty and replacing with new. In many cases older window frames which look like they are getting a little old can be restored. In this recent restoration project in Caringbah, we were able to carry out the glass replacement, the windows were sanded back and painted and the result was a set of sashes that looked like new. Two timber framed doors were also restored and were upgraded to laminated safety glass.

window replacement caringbah
Mirror Installation Caringbah

Further work was carried out at the same property, which included bathroom mirrors. In a simple but elegant design the bathroom mirrors were mounted to create an illusion of a floating mirror. This added a three dimensional appearance which enhanced the room.

caringbah bathroom mirror
Glass Repair Caringbah
Glass Replacement Caringbah